My group’s research interests and projects broadly fall into three different categories.

  • Thread 01: Merged Logic and Memory Fabrics

    Of great interest are hardware architectures comprised of new technologies that are (i) compatible with existing MOSFET technology and (ii) enable merged logic and memory fabrics where logic and the memory that stores data for said logic are integrated at finer granularities, and not on separate chips.

  • Thread 02: Benchmarking

    There is growing evidence that—with respect to traditional Boolean circuits and von Neumann architectures—it will be challenging for beyond-CMOS devices to compete with CMOS technology if these devices are simply used as drop-in replacements. 

  • Thread 03: Hardware security side channels

    New devices – ostensibly targeted for logic and memory – could also have a positive impact on hardware security with little or no added overhead. Prior work has suggested interesting and novel hardware based on emerging devices.