Ann Franchesca Laguna

Ph.D. student

Photo of Ann Franchesca Laguna

Ann Franchesca Laguna received her MS degree in Electrical Engineering and BS degree in Computer Engineering from University of the Philippines – Diliman. She is currently a Computer Science and Engineering PhD student at University of Notre Dame working with Dr. X. Sharon Hu and Dr. Michael Niemier. Her current research interests encompass hardware / software co-design of machine learning and bioinformatics algorithms using in-memory computing.

Representative work: Kai Ni, Xunzhao Yin, Ann Franchesa Laguna, Siddharth Joshi, Stefan Dunkel, Martin Trentzsch, Johannes Mueller, Sven Beyer, William Taylor, Michael T. Niemier, Xiaobo Sharon Hu, and Suman Datta, “Ferroelectric Ternary Content Addressable Memory for One-Shot Learning,” Nature Electronics, 2(11), p. 521-529, 2019.